Why We Like Working at JTI?

Interested to know what our employees say about working at JTI?

  • Lukáš Loffaj

    Sales Representative

    Lukáš Loffaj

    Sales Representative

    The main reasons why I appreciate working at JTI are the trust the company has in us, employees, and the diverse work we do. The company has basically shown me a completely different perception of the work of a sales representative. Specifically, I like the fact that standard sales tasks include work that is more complex, such as negotiating long-term contracts with customers and installing modern furnishings in retail outlets. All that helps ensure maximum satisfaction on the customer's part, which is conducive to maintaining excellent relations between sales representatives and business partners.

    In addition, the friendly atmosphere throughout the company makes working here very enjoyable.

  • Romana Marková

    Procurement Specialist

    Romana Marková

    Procurement Specialist

    JTI has given me self-confidence and allowed me to grow professionally. I was completely lost in the first few weeks after I was hired; I felt like crying. I couldn't imagine that I'd be able to work there. I was telling myself that I don't have what it takes, that I wouldn't be able to cope. However, thanks to a team of great colleagues, whom I asked for help, my self-confidence began to grow. They showed me all processes, the English terminology of which there is quite a bit here, and as time went on, I became more and more organized and confident. Every year, I can travel abroad to attend a training course that lasts several days, which I consider a very valuable benefit. Communication throughout JTI in a foreign language is a daily reality. The best experience you can get.

  • Tatiana Němcová

    Strategic Insights Manager

    Tatiana Němcová

    Strategic Insights Manager

    JTI allowed me to return from maternity leave and work on a part-time basis. I was able to come back earlier and establish an optimal balance between work and family life. At the time I returned to work, part-time arrangements were very rare. Today, the situation on the labor market is better, and JTI offers this benefit to more mums.

  • Michaela Uriová

    Sales Representative

    Michaela Uriová

    Sales Representative

    I have been working for JTI as a Sales Representative since 2011. Already when I was hired, I felt a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and the willingness of everyone at the head office and in the field to help. At JTI, we work very hard, but there is a very friendly atmosphere in the workplace as well as willingness to help each other regardless of our work positions. The company allows me to develop my strengths through training programs and various other projects. One of them is Socrates, a project that provides an opportunity to all employees who want to share their ideas and innovative solutions with their colleagues. I'm proud of working for a company that has received the Top Employer award on several occasions.

  • Jan Bašta

    Supply Chain Manager CZ/SK

    Jan Bašta

    Supply Chain Manager CZ/SK

    I like the complexity of the things I deal with and the fact that I work together with people in all of the company's departments not only in the Czech Republic, but also in other countries where we have plants as well as at the head office. I also appreciate all the opportunities JTI offers – if you want, you can advance not only in the framework of the Czech Republic, but beyond the Czech borders as well.

  • Petra Nikolov

    Sales Representative

    Petra Nikolov

    Sales Representative

    The main part of my job is sales. JTI has not only offered me interesting work, but also allowed me to continue to learn new things and grow as a professional. Besides the fact that the top management approaches each and every employee individually, which is rare these days, the company offers a host of bonuses and benefits.

    I can rely on support not only from all members of my team and other coworkers, but also from the company's executives. At JTI, I've truly found what I had expected from a job.

    Incidentally, the fact that JTI regularly receives the TOP EMPLOYER award as the best employer of the year speaks for itself!

  • Roman Matějek

    Sales Trainer Manager

    Roman Matějek

    Sales Trainer Manager

    To me, JTI is synonymous with stability, openness, opportunity, career advance. In a nutshell – we're one big family.

  • Veronika Zajícová

    Brand Manager

    Veronika Zajícová

    Brand Manager

    Interesting work and good remuneration are the standard in many FMCG companies. As far as I'm concerned, however, the thing that makes JTI stand out is its people. Being a part of a team of highly capable and inspiring people, where nobody pretends anything, is a benefit that few companies can offer.


„JTI is simply a company,

We Value Our Employees

We are aware that our employees are instrumental in our prosperity. Because of that, we offer workers a career with remuneration and working conditions that are second to none in the whole world.

  • 150 employees
    in the Czech Republic
  • 2,5 million CZK annual investments
    into staff development
  • 20 sick days/year

Our Benefits

  • annual bonus

    supplementary retirement savings scheme

    life insurance

    restaurant vouchers

  • 25 vacation days

    20 sick days

    three days
    of complimentary time off

  • well-being program:
    (health workshops, vaccination, safety, nutrition, and ergonomics; fresh fruits and vegetables in the workplace daily)

    joint sports activities (cycling, skiing, beach volleyball…)

  • original, unforgettable
    Christmas parties

    mobile telephone
    and car

    for business and private purposes

We Love Parties

Every year, we organize a thematic Christmas party. Whatever the theme, from vampires to robots, we make sure that the party is a blast. All of us look forward to these parties. And there are always things to remember! Beware, however; you will hear stories from these legendary parties only once you've been hired...

Personal Development

  • Sales University for Sales Representatives and Area Sales Managers
  • JTI Management Academy
  • English courses
  • Computer courses
  • Individual personal growth
  • 2.5 million/year in investments