About Us (How You Know Us)

We are the fastest growing international tobacco company in the world. We make the world-renowned brands Camel, Winston, LD, and Benson&Hedges. Our goal is clear – we want to be more and more successful and, at the same time, the most responsible tobacco company in the world.

We are well positioned to achieve this objective. Although JT International, the international tobacco division of Japan Tobacco, was established only in 1999, we are proud of the shared history of our business, which dates as far back as the 16th century. Our European roots and a connection to Japan and its culture make us a dynamic, creative enterprise. We pay close attention to detail, quality, and sustainability. Combined with our corporate culture, which we cultivate on a continuous basis, and active attitude to work tasks, our history makes us a unique enterprise.

Our History

JT International spol. s.r.o. is the international tobacco division of Japan Tobacco Inc., the third biggest player in the tobacco industry in the world.

JTI was established in 1999, when Japan Tobacco Inc. purchased the non-U.S. tobacco operations of the R.J. Reynolds multinational.

In 2007, JTI bought Gallaher to become one of the four biggest players in the tobacco industry. A new chapter in JTI's history began.

Thanks to numerous acquisitions in the last 10 years, we now hold stakes in many famous tobacco companies in various parts of the world. We do our best to advance our business through progress and innovation, but, at the same time, we are well aware of our history. JTI's legacy is an intrinsic part of our approach to doing business.

Our Brands

Our portfolio brings together brands with a long history as well as new products, developed thanks to state-of-the-art innovations. All our brands have one thing in common – superior quality.

  • camel

    The history of the Camel brand began in 1913, when R.J. Reynolds discovered an opportunity to introduce a cigarette brand as no one had ever done before.

    Today, more than 100 years later, Camel is still a creative icon.

    • Number two most sold premium brand in the Czech Republic
    • Legacy of more than 100 years
    • Camel is sold in 100 countries around the world

    Logo značky camel

  • winston

    Winston is JTI's flagship brand.

    Winston was introduced in the U.S. in 1954 by R.J. Reynolds who named it after his hometown, Winston Salem

    • Winston is the second best known and most sold cigarette brand in the world.
    • Seventh most sold brand in the Czech Republic
    • Available in 120 countries worldwide

    Logo značky winston

  • benson & hedges

    Richard Benson and William Hedges launched a new high-quality brand of cigarettes in London in 1873.

    Benson & Hedges assumed an uncompromising stance regarding premium quality, an approach that has been maintained for more than 140 years, testifying to the brand's British heritage combined with international prestige.

    • Pioneer in innovations, such as flavored cigarettes

    Logo značky benson & hedges

  • ld

    LD was unveiled in 1999 as an international brand in the value segment, where it offers reliable quality at an affordable price.

    • Today, LD is one of the Top 10 international brands in the world.
    • Available in 50 countries throughout Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe.

    Logo značky ld

Our Attitude to Smoking

We value and believe in adults' right to have a free choice. At the same time, we are well aware of the necessity to provide consumers with a sufficient quantity of information needed for making the right decision. We are aware that our role is to make sure that all users of tobacco products understand the risks that stem from their decision to smoke.

For this reason, we maintain transparency with regard to smoking and health, and regardless of our line of business, we adhere to six fundamental principles that define our stance on smoking.


Openness regarding smoking risks

Transparent product communication

Commitment to the development of low-risk products

Youth smoking prevention programs

Understanding between smokers and non-smokers

Observance of local customs and cultures

We respect and protect the environment

2009 vs. 2017

  • -24

    reduction in waste production

  • -6

    reduction in water consumption

  • -15

    reduction in CO2 emissions

  • -8

    reduction in energy consumption

We Are Responsible – Globally and Locally

  • Global
  • Our Activities
    in the Czech Republic

JTI Foundation

Activities conducted by the JTI Foundation include extensive, long-term projects. To do the best possible job, we work together with the top organizations specializing in corporate social responsibility – experts who work in the field, people with outstanding management skills who ensure that our assistance is as tangible, lasting, and helpful as possible.

Objectives of the JTI Foundation

Our goal is to support communities worldwide to be safe, sustainable, and resistant to both natural disasters and emergencies caused by the human factor.

Examples of Our Projects:

Protecting water in areas suffering from drought, providing assistance during natural disasters – floods, tornadoes, field recultivation. That is only a fraction of what we do on the global scale.
Want to know more? Visit the JTI Foundation website.

Our Activities in the Czech Republic

We make sure that senior citizens do not feel lonely.

We are a long-term partner to Life 90, an organization that runs a community center for senior citizens and their close ones in downtown Prague. In the framework of our partnership with Life 90, we support Senior Telephone, a line providing round-the-clock free-of-charge assistance to senior citizens who face an emergency, feel lonely, or encounter domestic violence.

In addition to providing financial assistance through associated organizations, we contribute time in the framework of volunteer work. Our employees accompany senior citizens on trips through Prague during Christmas, help organize the Senior Mile running race, and take part in dragon boat races to raise funds for aid to the elderly.

We Are Fans of Service Dogs

We provide long-term support to the Heřmanice Regional Cynology Training Center. Having provided superior training of service dogs since 1996, this facility has recorded excellent results that are regarded highly throughout the world.

We value the hard work our canine friends do in fighting counterfeit goods. In 2017, we received an award from the Ministry of Finance for our assistance.